Vinyl Wave

A few years ago I was irritated at the idea of selling posters of digital audio waveforms created from touching phrases like “I love you,” etc. I understand that hanging a big squiggly line on your wall might be attractive to some people, but it just sorta made me angry.

There must be a more interesting use for audio waveforms, as they have pattern and can represent pieces of music that have a direct emotional connection with most of us.

I experimented with juxtaposing the digital representation of sound with the analog (mechanical, to be correct) vehicle. I’ve always been fascinated with the grooves on vinyl being too small to see and grok all the nuance that is encoded on a fragile piece of plastic.

Coded in C++/Cinder.

Tortoise "Monica"
Tortoise “Monica”
"Monica" detail
“Monica” detail
New Order “Blue Monday”


Aphex Twin "Windowlicker"
Aphex Twin “Windowlicker”